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There are many things that a new coat of paint can do. If you are looking for a way to modernize the home without spending a lot of money on remodeling, call Early Bird Painting. Our painters have just what it takes to make your home look amazing on the inside and out.

When it comes to improving the home, it’s safe to say there is one contractor out there that can provide you with interior painting just the way you’d like. Our Madison Painter will work hard to get you the colors that you deserve for the outside and interior of your home as we do residential as well as commercial work.

Interior Painting

interior-painterYou can always opt to paint the inside of your own home, but putting yourself through all that stress can be tiresome. Pulling out ladders, buying specialty brushes and rollers, and purchasing drop cloths can get expensive. Early Bird Painting can deliver quality interior painting services straight to your home.

Going about interior painting on your own is not uncommon. In fact, lots of people do it to save money. But they end up ruining their furniture, spilling paint on their floors, and not getting their lines straight. With our techs, you won’t have those problems.

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Exterior Painting

exterior-painterThere will come a time when you’ll be faced with the option to have the exterior of your home painted or have siding installed. Siding costs more money and can become damaged very easily. Siding takes time to install whereas exterior painting does not.

You’ll have prepping experts attend to the exterior of the home before any painting commences. We want to do the job right and have it completed the way you deserve it to be. Vinyl siding demands too much maintenance as it needs pressure washed at least once per year.

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High Grade Commercial Painting

We begin our interior jobs by taking the time to secure your facility, equipment, and inventory. All surfaces will be properly prepped before applying the intended coating. Preparations include hand and power tool cleaning, patching, priming and through masking of all areas.

We finish with a first-rate, long-lasting paint, customized for your job. We can even incorporate your company’s logo into any floor or wall coating project, using the right colors and finishes. Once completed, each job is followed up with a thorough clean up.

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Professional Staining for the Home

Whenever it comes to the wood components in the home, there is no better way to protect them other than by staining & sealing. Take your hardwoods or stairs for example. Over time, they will start to wear. Our services will bring them back to life as well as your deck, porch, and fence.

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Why Hire Early Bird Painting?

The reason that you should hire us over other contractors in the area is because we are local. Being local allows us to develop long-lasting relationships with our customers and get them what they want without all the expenses that bigger companies charge.

We deliver cost-effective painting services to commercial and residential customers. Being the experts who have practiced in the field for over 15 years, allows for professional results that are hard to find elsewhere.

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