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Middleton Painting ContractorMiddleton is a city in Dane County located in Wisconsin. It is north-western suburb of the state capital, Madison. Its name was derived from the city in Connecticut as the “w” was cut out eventually to stop any confusion. The population here is a little over 17,400 and growing. Call Early Bird Painting if you just settled into the area and we can provide your home with experienced Painter.

As there are lots of homes located in the area, there is a need for our painters and the services that we offer. Weather often affects homes in different ways. The sun, for example, tends to fade the exterior finish while rain impacts it too.

When most of us think about remodeling, we think of flooring, cabinetry and plumbing renovations. But there’s always more than just that as those are the main components of a remodel. But adding paint to one will also help change the overall appearance.

For a price that’s more affordable than replacing the plumbing inside your walls, you can have a home that is free of smudge marks, gauges in the walls, and new color patterns. Our Middleton Painter will leave your home looking like you paid a million dollars for it.


Middleton Interior Painting

Interior painters are normally found before summer because everyone wants to have a better looking home before the onset of summer. This is due to more people having indoor and outdoor parties which is why we have interior and exterior services.

Many homeowners have found that their paint dries faster whenever they do interior painters attend to their walls. We have the right equipment and tools. But in the winter, the cooler air means less humidity. Humidity does not always dry paint faster which is why it can be frustrating to find a great time of year to hire our painters.

Your walls dry faster, and you’ll also free up your money for summer events such as outdoor concert going, playing in the park with the kids, and going on more vacations. If you need a professional interior painting contractor, contact Early Bird Painting for your four walls.


Middleton Commercial Painting

Do you cringe whenever you hear the words, “commercial painter” because of the price tag associated with hiring one? Well at Early Bird Painting, we don’t make excuses for our prices or do we gauge people. All we want is for you to experience our painters first hand. We have the solution for your commercial needs. Here are reasons to hire our commercial experts:

  • We get work done on time
  • Work do commercial work professionally
  • Our work is guaranteed

Hiring a Middleton commercial painting expert will save you more time and money. You can make every excuse in the book as to why you won’t hire one for your business, but we’re here to tell you that we’re not as bad as you may think. We are affordable and prompt!


What Middleton Homeowners Are Saying About Us

Early Bird Painting LLC is Rated: 5 / 5
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“Great Company, highly recommend them for both interior and exterior painting.”

– Mrs. Stacy Sumwalt Middleton, WI | Rated: 5/5


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