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Madison Commercial Exterior PaintingA Madison Painter can deal with many challenges in commercial exterior painting that we face daily. With such a wide assortment of building fascia materials requiring different coatings, materials and application equipment, there are varying environmental and atmospheric conditions to deal with and complicated equipment required to complete many of the jobs. Hi-rise buildings need staging, weatherproofing, special machinery and applicator lifts to reach all surfaces. One of the toughest challenges is the requirement to complete the painting project while a business is still in operations as we have seen in hotel exterior work and offices. When you need painting done to your businesses’ exterior, call Early Bird Painting.


On Time & On Budget

We are professional commercial painters that are available to deal with all aspects of commercial work on the inside and out. From panning to design, our painters can work with your budget and get the work done promptly.


Weather & Waterproofing the Exterior

Many times a job will call for the exterior to be weatherproofed as well as waterproofed. This takes a specialty coating. We may have to apply two-part epoxies to deliver that because specialty coatings cover different materials that are not just wooden structures in Madison.


Saving Money

Through our exterior service, you can save money and time. Many business owners make the mistake of hiring the first set of painters they meet. Normally when work gets done, they find flaws because they did not take the time to hire experts.


Types of Commercial Exteriors

If you’re trying to decide if we’re the right choice for you, the following are examples of commercial work that we have completed in our past. This work is not limited to, but provides you with a portfolio of past commercial results:

  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Churches
  • Hi-rises


Array of Commercial Work

We can handle just about anything that you put in front of us. Your structure will be in good hands whenever you hire Early Bird Painting. Our crew can handle the following commercial exterior jobs:

  • Concrete coatings
  • Epoxy painting
  • Shot blasting
  • Dry fall painting



Safety is the utmost importance whenever you have our Commercial Painter attend to your exterior needs. We’ll prevent many hazards in the workplace and implement safety throughout the job from the prepping to the clean-up.

Contact Early Bird Painting for Madison commercial exterior painting and have quality work done by professionals. Your business may be teetering on success and we can help get it there. Through the knowledge of color schemes and designs, we’re the ones that you can rely on.


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