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Elastomeric Wall Coatings Impervious to Snow, Moisture, and More

With an average annual snowfall of 53 inches and an average rainfall of 34.44, Middleton, Wisconsin homeowners and commercial property owners could do well by using elastomeric wall coatings for their exterior surfaces. Elastomeric wall coatings, or EWCs, are different from regular paint in several ways, one of which being that they’re several times more durable and protective than the best of paints on the market for exterior surfaces.

EWCs are applied in very thick films that are around ten times thicker than regular paints. They also come in specific formulas to cover masonry, brick, stone, and stucco exterior surfaces. But one of the key factors that makes them so different is in how well they protect the surfaces from any type of moisture, and how flexible the coating is which is important to maintain elasticity during temperature changes. The coating more than adequately fills any areas with cracks or gaps, which is why the coating works so well.

Elastomeric wall coatings are guaranteed to last as long as you own your home, or what’s known as a lifetime. But, they are not easy to apply and have to be applied by a professional painter who’s experienced to handle the application. If not properly applied, it’s going to lead to early failure of the material, and you’ll have problems to deal with. For instance, just using the wrong spray tip could ruin the coating. So when investigating the matter further, keep in mind that it’s more important WHO you choose to handle the application than which brand you’ll want.

If used correctly, your Middleton home or commercial property exterior surfaces will be impervious to whatever the weather throws your way. Imagine, a completely sealed exterior that’s protected from hail, snow, wind, rain, humidity, impacts, and more!

You can paint over EWC’s too. The material itself is normally used clear but can be tinted. The result is a light tint color, not a saturated color. So for instance, on stucco it’s perfect with a little white, pinkish, or cream tinting. Since stucco needs to be protected after applying, the EWC is a perfect choice for coating, but remember it has to be applied differently than paint.

Here is an example of what is needed to apply elastomeric wall coatings…

  • The exterior surfaces are inspected and any repairs are made prior to application.
  • A trench is dug around the border of the house so the coating can be applied below the landscape line to ensure the coating won’t fail.
  • Fixtures, etc are removed or covered.
  • The landscaping around the home is pre-wet before, during, and after the surface cleaning.
  • Surfaces are properly and correctly cleaned, this is an important and specific process that’s thorough and uses detergents that kill mold, removes grease, and more.
  • Elastomeric brush grade compound is used where there are more than 1/16” cracks or gaps.
  • Re-caulking is done with an elastomeric caulk over the rest of the exterior to seal out pests and weathering.
  • Landscaping is covered for protection. Doors, windows, etc that aren’t going to be painted will be papered and taped off.
  • Spot primer is used on any water stains or bleed-throughs of grease or wood stains.
  • Inspection of all prior steps of process is done to ensure a stable base for the EWC.
  • 2 coatings of elastomeric wall coating is applied. It’s very heavy coating and bridges any cracks as applied.

This type of wall coating can be used in any city anywhere, but it’s particularly great for areas like ours here in Middleton where we get a lot of cold, wet weather. With this type of exterior surface, you may as well think of it like a toitus shell that’s going to last and last. But nightmares can happen if the coating isn’t applied right, and unfortunately for a lot of homeowners this does happen. At Early Bird Painting, we know all about your exterior surfaces and EWCs. Give us a call and ask any questions you may have about this truly awesome, modern breakthrough in exterior surface protective coatings!

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