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Portage Painting ContractorThere is only one group of painters in the Portage are that can increase the curb appeal of your home and business and that is Early Bird Painting. We are trained to provide you with the best customer service and value. We don’t cut corners just to make up for our prices; instead, we provide you with quality paints and crew that can make your home look right out of a home remodeling magazine.

Being a city that sits in the county seat of Columbia County, it’s population thrives at over 10,600 people, most of whom are condo, apartment renters, and homeowners. This helps build our reputations as we provide them with interior paint services.

When you allow our Portage Painter into your home, you’re getting more than just an ordinary pain job. You’re getting the experience that you’ve never dreamt possible. Our Painter will provide the results that you’ve been wanting from interior paint all along.


Portage interior Painting

We have a number of clients who thought they were going to need a full scale remodeling project to enhance their home for resell value. When you meet with our experienced painters, we’ll deliver an inexpensive remodel at a great price.

Even if you want the same colors on your walls, we can do that too. It just won’t look as worn as it has. We’ll bring that gleam and shine into your home. Over time wear and tear can discolor your walls. We want to make yours look like they are new again.

Your interior painting experience will be a new and fresh start. Walls don’t have to look dull and boring. Your rooms can have life put back into them once again. We’ll remove all items from your rooms to prevent paint from damaging them and do cleanup when completed.


Portage Commercial Painting

Taking care of a business can be rough because not only do you have to do the bookkeeping and other management tasks, but also the upkeep of the building such as plumbing and paint. Having a business re-painted is a lot different from the first time.

Nothing was in the building originally which now makes it harder to achieve. But when the experts get to it, you’ll have painters that are wise and knowledgeable whenever it comes to commercial structures. We will protect your investment by:

  • Putting drop cloths down
  • Sanding down uneven finishes

The care that we’ll put into your building will deliver the comfort and excitement that you need to drive more customers into your business. Whenever it comes to Portage commercial painting services, Early Bird Painting got you covered.


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