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Madison Staining & SealingStaining & Sealing by Early Bird Painting can protect the wood components in and outside of the home while preserving the beauty of them. Leaving wood out in the elements such as rain and snow can damage them, but when it’s taken care of routinely; your deck/fence/wooden shutter and more will last you a lifetime without the need to replace them. We can protect your components from cracking, blistering, and chipping away. Call to get your free estimate from your Madison Painter today.


Stain Options

Interior & Exterior Staining comes in different varieties. Which stain is right for your porch or deck, you can always contact our color experts for help. Semi-transparent is a type of stain that can produce effective results. Call for more options.



You can easily increase the value of your home by protecting the exterior. Many covering for your outdoors can be applied to protect and beautify them. Getting the right colors and varieties can prevent wood components from rotting away in Madison.



Certain painting products can deliver the creativity that you deserve for your home. Take your shutters for example. They can look dull and boring but with the right color and protection, they can make the outside of the home look amazing and established.



Increasing the look of the home takes a lot of effort. That’s because the more effort you put into it, the more that you will get out of it in the form of value and aesthetic appeal. You can have all the following advantages through our service:

  • Longer lasting wood components
  • Durability
  • Safe wood areas


Interior Wood Components

Your exterior is not the only area that has wood components that need to be kept up with. Your interior is no different. The wooden components inside your home, such as the following, can increase the beauty of the interior:

  • Wooden stairs
  • Cabinetry
  • Posts
  • Doors & closets


Preventative Maintenance

There are different seals, stain and other protective coating that can deliver the preventative maintenance you demand. Our services can help develop the durability of your indoors while preserving the natural beauty. Preventative maintenance will also help keep you from having to replace defective or rotting wood.


Reason for Sealing

A reason why more homeowners have sealing done is to better secure their wood components. Having to replace can be expensive while attempting to increase the durability of many wood components can be a challenge.

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you deserve professional Madison staining & sealing work in or out of your home, call Early Bird Painting. We not only increase the durability of your wooden components, but the curb appeal too.


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